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    Foundry Alley / Charleston, SC

    Foundry Alley is a Planned Unit Development located off of Hanover & Nassau Streets between Line & Columbus Streets on the City of Charleston’s Peninsula. It is located within the Eastside Community. The project is an aggregated redevelopment parcel totaling 0.915 acres.

    The development concept of the neighborhood is the incorporation of residential office (RO) & residential units offering a restored residential urban presence along Hanover & Nassau Streets. The only allowed building uses will be Residential Office and Single-Family Residential units that will have the ability to be sold as fee-simple and/or offered as long-term rental properties.

    An internal Woonerf, a living street, will serve as the linking element of community Open Space as well as a new Right-of-Way for the City of Charleston. The genesis of the entire development gravitates around human-centered design principles leading towards a safe & sociable environment.

    Project Type:

    • Land-Planning
    • Multi-Family
    • Residential


    Luke Z. Jarrett, Todd Richardson

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